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I Love Inu-Yasha!!!***ILove Inu-Yasha!!!***

Inu-yasha is a graphic novel and a t.v series by Ruminko Takahashi. The main charcters are Inu-Yasha,Kaede.Kagome,Sessho-Maru,Shippo,kikyo,etc. Kikyo has put inu-yasha to sleep for 50 years and has finally broken the curse from a girl name Kagome. Inu-Yasha has feelinkgs for Kagome but will not release those feelings







Inu Yasha is cool!

He is the hero fo the show. His father is Hobgoblin of dog, and his mother is human being. So his body is half Hobgoblin and human being

She is 15 years old, a junior highschool student of the 20th centurey. She has a kind of inspiration, and tries to look at the splinter ofthe gem of shilkon with Inu-Yasha in the age of Civil Wars (16c.

Kikyo's means of a string of prayer beads and Kagome's word--"Sit".little sister, who carried out the pristess' wodh that the Shikon Jewel should be burned with her remains. now fifty years older, Kaede is head of the villiage. It is Kaede's spell that binds inu-Yasha to Kagome by

A powerful priestess, Kikyo was charged with the awesome responsibilty of protecting the Shikon Jewel from the demons and humans who covered its power. She died after firing the enchanted arrow that kept Inu- Yasha imprisoned for fifty years.

   An easy going Buddhist priest with questionable morals, miroku is the carrier of a curse passed down from his grandfather. he is searching for the demon Naraku, who first inflicted the curse.


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